Walzmatic T5ES

With a width of only 700 mm, the Walzmatic T5ES can easily maneuver in the narrowest working areas. It is ideal for logistic trains in greenhouses, manufacturing, or warehouse complexes, but also looks convincing in other fields of application.

When using a towing vehicle as a logistic train, the Walzmatic T5ES can provide reliable towing of trailers with a total weight of up to 3000 kg. Due to a maximum speed of 10km/h, the towing vehicle runs even long sections of the track with the best time indicators. Thus, an effective and flexible supply of production, a reduction in the volume of transportation, and, as a result, a saving of money is ensured.

Walzmatic T5ES


Powerful, reliable, and economical, maintenance-free, modern three-phase current traction engine provides dynamic acceleration and high maximum speed.

Electrodynamic engine braking is not only effective compared to mechanical brakes, but in the process of braking, energy recovery occurs, which accumulates in the battery and allows you to increase the running time.

Balanced running gear constantly provides reliable grip of the wheels.

High efficiency factor and excellent energy efficiency.

We have embodied the Walzmatic T5ES model in two colors.

Walzmatic T5ES

Точное и легкое управление благодаря электроусилителю и автоматическому возврату руля в нулевое положение.

Walzmatic T5ES
На руле модели Walzmatic T5ES предусмотрен дополнительный переключатель«заяц»/«черепаха» для быстрого и замедленного хода. Когда требуется ювелирная точность в маневрирование в ограниченном пространстве режим «черепаха» будет очень полезен, к тому же в этом режиме электроника снимает ограничения угла поворота руля и можно разворачиваться практически на месте
Walzmatic T5ES

The compact size and weight of the towed load up to 3 tons, as well as the fast transportation of load at speeds up to 12 km/h, make our towing vehicle one of the best in this class.

Smooth, reliable transport due to sensitive acceleration and high handling.

Walzmatic T5ES

When jewelry accuracy is required in a confined space, a function will be very helpful in removing the turning angle and allowing the steering wheel to turn under 90 degrees, so the towing vehicle can be turned almost in place.


Comfortable and smooth movement is provided through high-class rear “superelastic” wheels with a diameter of 300 mm.
Walzmatic T5ES

Built-in charger with charge indicator and power cable with a length of three meters.

Walzmatic T5ES
Walzmatic T5ES

Excellent operator’s workplace, equipped with a cup holder and tray for a mobile phone or trivia. In the rear part of the towing vehicle, there is a compartment for storing documents.

Walzmatic T5ES
Walzmatic T5ES
Walzmatic T5ES

The spacious and comfortable operator’s seat with a low platform provides an easy seat.

Walzmatic T5ES

Possibility of adjustment according to an individual bodily constitution of the operator.

Intuitive and comfortable control, similar to the driving a passenger car, as well as the steady position of the operator reduces the load on the neck and spine when cornering.

For the convenience of the operator, we have provided for adjustable steering wheel and backrest, which reduces fatigue when driving on long sections of the path.

Walzmatic T5ES
Walzmatic T5ES

The central display shows information about the battery charge level, the number of working hours, the speed of movement, as well as the fault codes.

Walzmatic T5ES


The electric towing vehicle is extremely compact and maneuverable to perform work in a narrow space, because the external turning radius is only 1.6 meters, and the internal radius is zero.


The towing vehicle has an emergency stop button and an integrated ignition lock with unique keys.
Good visibility of the car due to the built-in LED florescent lamp.
Walzmatic T5ES
Walzmatic T5ES

Высокая безопасность и устойчивость при движении на поворотах обеспечивает система регулировки скорости Тurn Control в зависимости от угла поворота руля.

Automatic parking brake with function of prevention of recoil; in a stationary state the towing vehicle automatically stops.

The safety system eliminates the movement of the towing vehicle without an operator. The towing vehicle can move if the operator’s hand is on the steering wheel. When removing the hand from the wheel while driving – the towing vehicle stops.

Walzmatic T5ES
Walzmatic T5ES


Minimum noise due to a very quiet traction engine.

The electric towing vehicle is equipped with traction maintenance-free batteries made according to the AGV technology. Reduced costs compared to lead-acid batteries owing to increased service life and no need for maintenance.

No space is needed for charging and ventilation, since there is no gas emission from the batteries.

Walzmatic T5ES


Walzmatic T5ES

Accurate, fast, and reliable coupling with tow hitch within the line of sight.

Hitch modifications:

Walzmatic T5ES Walzmatic Tdown
Walzmatic T5ES Walzmatic Tlong
Walzmatic T5ES Walzmatic Tup
Walzmatic T5ES Walzmatic Tuniversal
Additional buttons “forward” and “back” on the back of the towing vehicle are used for convenient and accurate positioning of the hitch
The hitches can be installed at different heights.
Walzmatic T5ES
Walzmatic T5ES


On the front of the towing vehicle, there is a special place with a white background on which you can put an inventory or identification number.
Walzmatic T5ES


Activation of the machine with a password or transponder card.
Projecting a red light point on the floor at a distance of about 3m in front of the vehicle can significantly reduce the risk of collisions in poorly viewed places.

Walzmatic T5ES

Walzmatic T5ES


Parameters Units Walzmatic T5ES
Drive Electric
Steering Через электроусилитель. Не прямое.
Towed load weight kg 3000
Maximum towing force N 3800
Weight with batteries kg 700
Axle load without load
in the front / rear
kg 340/360
Polyurethane / solid-cast superelastic
Tire size
mm 260x95/300x90
Road clearance mm 30
Length / Width / Height
(with the backrest down)
mm 1300/700/1325
Backrest height
mm 1020/1170
Steering wheel height
mm 990/1050
Operator platform height mm 100
Tow hitch height mm 136/172/210/246/282/317/355
Turning radius mm 1050
Angle of approach degree 9,5
Running speed, 0/1500/3000 kg km/h 13/9,5/5
Maximum gradeability
with load / without load
% 5/10
Reversing speed km/h 5
Speed when driving with docking buttons km/h 1
Service brake Electromagnetic
Traction engine power S2 60 min kW 2,5
Electric assist power kW 0,7
Voltage / Battery capacity V/Ah 24/300
Reliable, versatile, and economical – all this can be said about
the Walzmatic T5ES series electric towing vehicle