Walzmatic FT series

The Walzmatic FT series transporting trolleys
are designed for the transportation of various goods
weighing up to 500 kg. The trolleys
of this series can be connected in train
engaged with towing vehicles or loaders. A key
feature is high maneuverability and serviceability.

Walzmatic FT series

We have implemented the Walzmatic FT series model in two colors:

green and yellow
yellow and gray
Walzmatic FT series


Trolleys of the series are distinguished by high maneuverability due to two swiveling axes.

Walzmatic FT series
Walzmatic FT series


The spring-loaded hitch in an idle state is in vertical position. Also, this function allows you to attach the trolley to one another or to the towing vehicle with one foot, without additional operations.

Walzmatic FT series
Walzmatic FT series
Walzmatic FT series


Walzmatic FT series without handles
Walzmatic FT series with one handle
Walzmatic FT series with one handle to move
Walzmatic FT series with two handles
Walzmatic FT series with storage for garden equipment
Walzmatic FT series without storage

The FT series trolleys can be connected in train.

Walzmatic FT series

Unique bearing assembly

The bearing assembly was developed by Walzmatic, and it consists of a body, bearings, and hub, just like a car. This design can withstand up to 300 kg load on each wheel. It provides high reliability and a large load carrying capacity of the trolley. If necessary, it is easy to install and maintain.

Polyurethane wheels

In order to move loads freely on any surface, we supplied the trolley with Walzmatic wheels equipped with a polyurethane foam tire that is not afraid of punctures. Thanks to them, the load carrying capacity is increased, and the trolley can be used during construction work, in warehouses, production, and for domestic purposes.

Walzmatic FT series
Walzmatic FT series

A europallet measuring 800x1200mm fits easily onto the Walzmatic FT 500 XL trolley.

Walzmatic FT series

Walzmatic FT 500 L

Walzmatic FT series

Walzmatic FT 500 XL

Walzmatic FT series


Parameters Units Walzmatic FT 500 L Walzmatic FT 500 XL
Trolley weight (without load) kg 70 80
Dimensions (LxWxH) mm 1555x750x934 1745x850x943
Maximum load capacity kg 500 500
Maximum height of the trolley with the handle mm 934 934
Platform length mm 1250 1450
Platform width mm 750 850
Platform height mm 302 302
Minimum turning radius of the platform mm 1100 1250
Maximum transport speed km/h 14 14
Maximum gradeability with load % 10 10
Wheel diameter mm 260 260
Wheel width mm 80 80
Track mm 584 685