Walzmatic AGRO S3

Hydraulic trolley for greenhouses
with electric drive is simple and reliable
as the hydraulic system is kept as simple
as possible. As a result, AGRO S3 model
is at very attractive price.

AGRO S3 model is designed for plant care
and harvesting. The maximum lifting
height of the platform is 3 meters.
The maximum working height is 5 meters.

Hydraulically adjustable lift of the
platform makes the work convenient and
significantly saves labor resources.
  • Platform elevation 3000 mm
  • Platform load capacity 170 kg
  • Max speed 40 m/min
  • Continuous speed control
  • High-power maintenance-free gel batteries
  • Embedded uP-based battery charger rated to IP-67
  • Non-contact pedal
  • Regenerative motor braking (batteries recharged while decelerating/stopping)
  • Critical electronic components located in an IP-67 box
  • Battery discharge alarm sound
  • Battery level display provided on control terminal
  • Battery charger location convenience and good visibility
  • Recessed step covered with antislip tape for safe and convenient platform access
  • Trolley design is free of jutting ends and edges that eliminates risk of damaging plants during operation
  • Unsprung self-locking gate
  • Supply includes one accessory storage box easily installed and moved along trolley handrails, although boxes can be optionally added due to modular box design
  • Emergency STOP button is provided on control terminal to shutdown all the systems; the trolley will break if STOP is pushed during movement
  • One cylinder in scissor lift
  • Wheels extension system is free of retraction springs. Two-way hydraulic cylinder is installed
  • Handy mechanical button for platform emergency lowering can be used even when trolley is deenergized
  • Self-centering wheels
with smooth speed control, a forward-backward
switch, an emergency stop button, the platform
direction switch and the level indicator
of the battery charge.
Audible alarm activates
when the battery
is discharged.
Microprocessor charger device
is completely hermetic,
without fan, with operation
modes indicator.
It charges the accumulator battery quickly and gently.
It is connected with built-in wire to the household
electricity network 200 W/50Hz.

The compartment is closed with a protective cover
and snapped with a magnet.
Self-centering swivel wheel
Walzmatic's own unique development.
In no-load state, a wheel always turns
back to centered position. It's very
important when moving along tubular
rails, since the wheels are always
directed along the motion on the tubes
and never get caught in them.
Battery level display provided
on trolley.

Microprocessor controller mounted
on the trolley deserves special
attention, as speed and direction
control as well as built-in function
that allows the trolley to move
smoothly and brake are carried out
due to the microprocessor controller.
The controller, like the entire electronic
part, is placed in a sealed compartment
of IP-67 class protection.
Simple and reliable locking mechanism
of the platform wicket door provides easy
access and increased safety while
A reliable non-contact sensor
is used in the pedal.
If you wish, you can order the installation of complementary options on the trolley, namely:
1) Angle sensor

When the trolley is tilted by 2.5°
and more it issues a warning
sound signal
2) Outriggers

Outriggers that increase stability
and counteract rollover during
trolley operation on an uneven surface.

Option is required if the cart is planned
to operate not on pipelines.
the box is conveniently located at the operator's fingertips,
it is installed on the handrail of the trolley.

If necessary, you can install several boxes
on the upper and lower handrails. Box
is easy to be removed and installed, it does
not have fixed fastening, which makes it
easier to work process. The kit includes 1 pcs.,
you can purchases from us additional boxes.

- made of 2mm aluminum

- powder-painted

- LxWxHmm 150 x 432 x 152

If necessary, the box is installed on the upper or lower handrails of the trolley.
The box has no fixed attachment that facilitates workflow and provides its multifunctionality.
Мade of 2-mm aluminum. You can choose one of two size options:
1) L x W x H mm 650 х 432 х 285
2) L x W x H mm 650 х 432 х 152
IS 170 KG
Provides comfortable access
of the operator to the platform.
It is provided a special window with
a white background, on which you can
apply the trolley number or make
some notes on each trolley.
The delivery set includes
a black marker for inscriptions.
The button for emergency lowering of the platform
is located in an accessible location.
When you click on it, the platform
will lower in its low position, even if
the batteries are completely discharged.
The trolleys are powered with the newest “gel”
The maintenance-free battery does not require watering. This significantly saves time during the operation.
Enhanced security – there is no electrolyte fluid.
Extended lifetime. AGM technology provides a long lifetime comparatively to the batteries with electrolyte fluid.

Walzmatic AGRO S3

Parameters Units Walzmatic AGRO S3
Motor set V / W 24 / 180
Battery V / Ah2 x 12 / 75
Recharger supply voltage V / Hz 220 / 50
Recharger type Built-in automatic
Interaxial distance of rail pipes mm 450 - 800
Rail pipe diameter mm 42 - 58
Minimum dimensions in the lower position
of the platform (HхWхL)
mm 1775 х (A.S.* + 250) x 1750
Maximum dimensions in the upper position
of the platform (HxWxL)
mm 4320 x (A.S. * + 250) x 1750
Minimum platform height above pipe level mm 530
Maximum platform height above pipe level mm 3000
Maximum working height mm 5000
Speed of movement along the rails m/min 4-40
Dimensions of working area of platform mm 1750 x 440
Net weight kg 320
Platform carrying capacity kg 170

A.S. - axle spacing

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