Walzmatic AGRO H8

Walzmatic AGRO H8 winding machine is designed for winding twine on an attaching tool (hooks, coils) of curly greenhouse crops. Its main task is to accelerate, facilitate and mechanize the thread winding process on the hook/coil. With this machine, you can reduce the cost of time and money during the preparatory work.

  • The possibility of simultaneous winding up to 8 hooks/coils sized up to 240 mm;
  • Simplicity of filling and adjustment of tension of a thread;
  • Functional niches for the tool;
  • Practical shelves for storage of bobbin of threads;
  • Wheels with built-in fixing support to simplify the transportation, positioning and installation of the machine indoors;
  • Possibility of installation of mounting accessories according to customer's requirements;
  • High-quality automation components of leading world manufacturers;
  • Graphic operator panel with intuitive bilingual interface;
  • Ability to control winding speed, smooth start and braking;
  • Counter of wound hooks/coils and meters of thread;
  • Personnel protection system against rotating parts, corresponding to Type 4 (IEC 61496-1), Category 4 (ISO 13849-1).
  • Control buttons with light indication the machine operating modes;
  • Affordable emergency stop button location;
  • Industrial connector to mains supply 220V 50Hz.
Due to the high spindle rotation speed up to 1000 rpm twine winding performance is high.
Hook holders always stop in vertical position; it makes operation easier and increases performance.
All power electronics are on the back side of the machine.
On the back side of the machine there is a storage space, namely three shelves, where you can put 24 twine spools.
The machine is easy to move and just as easily fixed on the floor on rubber supports owing to the multifunction castor wheels.
Convenient shelves for storing tools are built into the niche of the machine and do not take up excess space.
Возможность установки шпинделя для намотки обычных крючков и крючков со свободным опуском, размерами 180 мм и 220 мм.
Возможность установки шпинделя для намотки обычных крючков и крючков со свободным опуском, размерами 180 мм и 220 мм. cтандарта O-hook.
Возможность установки шпинделя для намотки катушек различной модификации.
The touch panel displays all the necessary information; the simple interface helps to set the necessary parameters, such as hook size, winding length, winding speed, etc. Also, all possible values, like the amount of twine wound during a certain cycle and the number of wound hooks, are displayed in real time.
The light barrier corresponds to the European safety class ISO 13849-1. It prevents injuries during operation. Spindles stop immediately when any object crosses the safe zone.
Simple and convenient control of the winding process with a single button; if necessary, you can temporarily stop the rotation of the spindles, and then continue the process again.

Walzmatic AGRO H8
Walzmatic AGRO H8

Parameters Units Walzmatic AGRO H8
Length mm 2800
Width mm 800
Height mm 1500
Number of spindles pcs 8
Spindle rotation min speed rpm 100
Spindle rotation max speed rpm 460
Min hook size mm 140
Max hook size mm 240
Weight kg 450
Voltage VAC 1PH, 220
Frequency Hz 50
Power kW 3,3
Control circuit VDC 24