Two-tiered version of the WALZMATIC AGRO BOX
trolley. The top platform is removable.
This type of trolley is ideal for use
with automatic loading/unloading line.

The trolley is manufactured with two options
of upper platform covering:


zinc-galvanized steel
Due to the availability of coupling
devices, carts may be connected
in the “train”. The carts
are moved by hand, either
by electric towing vehicle.

The trolley is equipped with two removable
handles that provide more convenient operation
with them. Height of the top (removable)
platform is adjusted depending
on the customer's request.

The features of the design make
it easy to move around both registers
and to maneuver along the corridors
of the greenhouse. The trolley can
turn around its axis.
Due to the support rollers on the central axis, trolleys
easily move out and drive up on the rails.
It is easy to move containers with the help of lightweight and shockproof PVC conveyor rollers
during the process of harvesting and, if necessary, unload the trolley from the end.

The upper platform with different heights of the side allows to use a trolley
on the automatic unloading line.
Net weight 65 kg
Platform size 2420 х 500 mm
Height 800 mm
Length 2594 mm
Width *depends on the width of the rails
Load capacity 500 kg
Diameter of a rail pipe 51-57 mm
Option of platform covering rollers/galvanized steel
Interaxial distance of rail pipes 420-800 mm