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Walzmatic Company is a Russian manufacturer of logistic equipment for greenhouses. The production has no analogues in Russia and provides high quality at a price lower than that of foreign manufacturers. The factory is equipped with the latest European equipment. «Worker perfectionism» is the second «I» of our company. We are firmly convinced that is not only possible, but it is also necessary to achieve the best result in the work. We are of the opinion that to be today the best in the world market means to be not like everyone else! We offer customers a worthy product of high quality and attractive design. We work to ensure that all our customers get real pleasure using Walzmatic products, in which everything is perfect: from design and functionality to operation.

We aspire:

  • to perfect all Walzmatic products
  • to give maximum attention to detail
  • to meet and exceed people's expectations
  • to make our customers happy after buying our products

Our production

Our office

Walzmatic company office is located in Khimki city Moscow region. More detailed information about the work and location of our office you can find in the contacts section.

Where used

The products of Walzmatic are used in addition to Russia in many countries of the world:


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